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With a broad background in senior leadership positions ranging from Fortune 500 to start up environments, Founder Tanis Cornell can relate to the issues and challenges business owners and executives face on a daily basis. TJC Consulting specializes in the area of talent development at both the individual level and the corporate team level. Through services ranging from individual coaching, peer advisory forums for women executives, and assessment tools and workshops,
TJC Consulting develops a plan specifically tailored for you and your business.




  • Self and business evaluation is key to achieving results. TJC Consulting works with you one-on-one to develop a clear vision of success.

Identify & Assess

  • Through the use of the Lumina Assesment tool, leaders and teams become aware of of their own psychology in various situations. This information is then used to leverage strenghts that will be crucial in reaching goals.


  • TJC Consulting will help in crafting a clear plan of action that is efficient in its implementation and achieves lasting results.

What our clients are saying

  • Tanis Cornell actively engages with her audience across industries, position(s) and experience levels. Tanis is masterful in creating connection and bringing forward the very best ideas in large and small groups – even in challenging circumstances. That takes skill and just the right humor.

    Sharon Roberts
    Roberts & Roberts Associates

  • I found participation in an EWF International forum an extremely positive experience. I am a more relaxed and confident leader as a result of my participation and would recommend it to any woman in an executive position in her company.

    Monica Martino, CTO
    Accudata Technologies

  • We found the Lumina workshop with our leadership team to be so valuable that we cascaded it throughout the entire organization. We developed our annual strategic goals from the output of the assessments, coaching and consulting delivered by Tanis and her partners at Lumina Learning.

    Heather Capps, CEO
    HCK2 Partners

Some of our clients include